Is Your Marriage Worth Fighting For? Do You Know How To Work On It?


Of course, it is worth fighting for it. But how would anyone then explain the large numbers of relationships ending in separation? A first answer would be: They didn’t read my blog post! A second answer is that they didn’t know HOW to work on their marriage or weren’t disposed to do the heavy grinding of keeping a relationship alive and kicking.

Don’t be astonished if, in this blog post, you will read about tips for getting a girl’s attention or tips seemingly only valid at the beginning of your relationship. 

This is NOT a confusion or a mistake as, for you, to keep your relationship or marriage – if you decided to marry – alive and working, you need to fall in love periodically and repeat the courtship rituals repeatedly.

Is It Something He SECRETLY Craves?

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This isn’t a boring thing as, I suppose, the first moments of your love should have been really memorable!


how to work on your marriage


3 Tips for Achieving Better Marriage


You want to be open with her and relaxed and have a good time with her.

It would help if you got her to want to see and talk to you.

You do that by making her want to. Be open and laid back and not overbearing.

Show her you are not on her back about anything and have a good time.

You are inviting her and allowing her to get to know you more.


That is the key to how to get a girl’s attention.


So now you know how to get a girl’s attention, you need to make sure you stay with her and are her number one hang out.

You want to be a confidant for her, confidant with her, and be her one true confidant.

Let her know you will always be with her and be there for her, no matter what happens.

If you are her one true confidant and she knows it, she will do anything for you, and you will be her number one hang out.


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You will be her number one.


You must make sure your girl knows how much she means to you.

Take on projects that she likes and get good marks for them (if she is still a student).

You don’t have to do anything that will make her proud, and you can do anything you want without her disapproval.

That is just what makes her feel appreciated.

That will make her want to do everything she can to make your life happy.

You can get her to help you out, but don’t push her to do it.

You can give her a massage, or buy her a new dress or new hairbrush.


Letters To A Loved One


Gifts, GIFTS…How to work on your marriage EVERY day to succeed & live a happy married life.


You can give her flowers, gifts or buy her flowers. You can shower her with love and affection.

You can buy her tickets to the latest movie or tickets to watch a play with you.

You can take her out, or take her to a movie, or take her to a romantic dinner and show her that you care.




Make Her Happy! Tips to improve your marriage.


Do something for her that will make her happy.

You can show her that you have her and that you love her.

A relationship is a partnership, and it requires a lot of work.

Still, it is an enriching experience when it is done correctly. Just be careful not to push your gal to do things that she may not like.

It is essential to establish boundaries in your marriage/relationship.

If there is any emotional or physical distance between you both, your partner will act in ways that are not your liking.

If she is upset, upset that you don’t care about her feelings, upset that you don’t do something for her, bothered that you don’t listen to her, she will act in ways that are not to your liking.


You can try to do things that will show her you care.


But she will be annoyed and will refuse to listen. If you try to ask her to do something, she will refuse.

She will act in ways that will irritate you.

She will not be receptive.


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You have to work with her, as she is your wife. And the important thing is that she understands the concept, the concept of respect.

If she doesn’t know how to respect you, she will treat you in a way that you will not like.

She will undoubtedly act in ways that are not to your liking.


You can’t change anyone.


You can only influence a partner if you know the concept of respect.

Suppose you are working with someone who is disrespectful and refuses to listen. In that case, you will get angry, and your response will be hurtful, which will lead you to be less respectful.

You have to be sensitive in your approach to each other.

No matter how you are getting along at the beginning of your relationship, you have to learn the concept of reverence.

If you are acting like brothers and sisters, it is presumably because you have known the idea of respect.

It is not easy, but if you have decided to work on your marriage/relationship, you have to get used to it.




Marriage is work, HARD work.


Marriage is work, and this work can be difficult.

But if you work with each other, you will get a better marriage.

If you got used to respecting and loving each other, both of you will treat each other nicely.

You have to understand that the concept of respect is a huge deal.

It is a huge deal!

If your wife is always rude, if she is disrespectful, if she behaves like a child all the time, she will never appreciate you.


Respect is a major deal.


If you have decided to be civil to each other, you must agree on how things will be like (for more, read here another article of mine).

There is no point in finding faults if you both have decided that it will be like this.

You have to agree on what will happen in your marriage.

If you are arguing over something that you both agreed on, both of you will never respect each other.

If you have to find fault in each other, you have to find a spot in your own accord, not when you see each other’s weaknesses.


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My Wife Says That I Have Changed…


Your relationship or your marriage had an exciting beginning. Almost all relationships do. Let’s read a few interesting words about the beginning of a relationship in this interesting article:

“If you want to know how to get a girl’s attention, you need to make sure you’re making a good impression on her. If you can do that, she’d naturally want to see more of you or get your attention too. You don’t need to charm her just yet. But be charming in your behavior and the way you speak to everyone else.”


do you know how to work on your marriage to keep this beauty near you?


Did I change during my relationship?


If you are already making an effort to get her attention, you don’t need to spend a lot of your valuable time trying to make her want to talk to you.

But you need to be polite and be expressive in your message.

Give her your best high five and a smile (as you always did years ago), and you do not have to spell out every detail to her.

Remember, girls, like to feel like they are unique.

That is why they love to be shown off.

As I have mentioned, getting her attention is the most straightforward task in the world.

But it does take effort.

If you want to know how to attract a girl’s attention, you need to do a few things in the correct order.

If you go into the wrong order, you will not get the results you want. 


Writing as if You are Talking to a Friend


How to improve your relationship/marriage.


If you want to know how to get a girl’s attention, you do not need to bother getting a girl her phone number.

This is the beginning of opening up to her.

And you can have her attention in a much more direct way if you follow these 6 steps.

1. Show her that you care a lot about her. This shows her that you are willing to take her feelings into account. When she feels that you care about her, she will be more inclined to show you her feelings.

2. Ask her something her knowledge will be helpful. If she is smart, she will be happy to help you. If she does know something, ask her for help. By asking her, you open her up to sharing more of herself. She will be happy about this.

3. If you have something to share with her, let her hear it. The way to make her happy is to let her know how great she is. You can express this by allowing her to listen to it. Share this with her, and she will be ecstatic about your affection.



4. Start with a compliment. Show that you care. This works by making her feel that you are proud of her. A compliment works when you are talking to someone you respect. This will make her feel that you are speaking to her abilities and skills.

5. Be a talker and give her some free information. Let her know how much she matters to you and how much she means to you. When she hears this, she will feel that you are speaking to her feelings.

6. Be happy and positive, and let her feel that you are pleased with her. Say these nice words in a positive tone, make it sound like you are speaking to someone who matters to you and who is an asset to you, rather than talking to her feelings and your unhappiness about her. She will be glad to hear this because it sounds positive.


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When you feel the desire to kiss her, say it.


It will make her think that you are speaking to her feelings and giving her a warm feeling.

She will be happy to hear you speak her feelings. Express your feelings (and read another interesting blog post of mine about loving without saying it; click the link; or this link if you fancy adorable love letters).

If you have had a hard day at work and just want to hold her, let her know.


Share your feelings and your happiness with her.


Share your feelings and your happiness with her, and she will be thrilled to hear you say things like, “I’m so glad that I got to hold you today” or “Today was such a good day.”

If you feel the desire to touch her, let her know.

Let her know that you appreciate her taking the time to come home from a hard day’s work.

Share your feelings and let her know that it is something you value.


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How to make a marriage last.


Share with her your happiness with her decisions to do this.

Let her know that you are glad that she appreciated you, showing your feelings for her.

Share something positive about her, even if it is about how hard she works or how good she looks.


Do something special for her.


If you want to do something special for her:

  1. Let her know.
  2. Please share that you feel happy and glad that she thinks about you before she leaves for work.
  3. Make sure she knows that you love her when she has been sick.
  4. When she is happy, make sure she knows.


If you have had a bad day and just want to feel happy again, let her know.


How to work on your marriage EVERY day to make it succeed


Let her think about you.


Talk about how much you need to feel happy again, and let her think that about you.

Tell her that she is an essential person in your life and that you need her to feel comfortable about you.


How to fix a marriage that is falling apart & How to work on your marriage.


Doing all these things will take your relationship to a whole new level.

Your wife will not believe that you have the same marriage you had when you first met (another beneficial article is here).

This is because her perception of you has changed tremendously since you two started dating.

She will assume that you two are two different people.

The two of you would now be two people with different personalities.

Doing these things will help you change her perceptions of you drastically because you want your wife to see that you have not changed.


Not Including Pictures


Things You Should Do on Your Marriage EVERY Day


You want to be a good boyfriend and husband, and she needs to feel appreciated, desired, and needed.

When you first meet your woman, she is not impressed with you at all, and you do not get her attention.

So it is crucial to make an impression now!

This is the part where the techniques we are going to look at come in.


first gift for your wife


Could you give her a gift?


Give her a gift.

This can be anything from a bouquet to an unexpected card or text message.

So if your girlfriend is a mother, she might really enjoy getting a card or gift from you with her kids’ pictures on it.

The reason it is vital to give her a gift is to give yourself a treat.


She needs to feel like a treat too.


By giving her a gift, you are letting her know that you care enough to do that for her.

And that means something to her.


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How to get a girl’s attention and make an impression.


  • When she is out shopping, you should always sneak a peek in and snap pictures of what she is wearing. She will most likely appreciate this as she has taken the trouble to prepare. Taking photos may feel a little naughty to you, but this will just be a casual peek and look at what she is wearing. She will most likely get a kick out of that candy wrapper that you have just sneaked a peek at (for more on this matter, read here).


  • When she is going about her daily business, please make an effort to do your best to speak to her. Even when she has been drinking her morning coffee, there is a good chance she will still be up and awake to hear you. I mean, really listen to you, with your voice. She will really appreciate that. So if you haven’t done it in days, try to say hello, and say how your day was, and try to be as kind as possible. Maybe even offer to help her with the dishes. This will really surprise her and will make her smile.


  • Go out on a date again. This time, make it really romantic. Dress up if possible, and maybe even wear something different. And just try to make your partner feel special. Maybe bring her back home a gift. Make her feel like a princess. Perhaps a glass of wine. All this will do is show her that you really don’t have time for anything else. When she comes home, you will be doing her all the favor. Just to keep her company.


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You will be surprised…


You will probably be surprised at how much of a relief it is to talk to her.

When you take your eyes off her, her eyes will start to wander.

It will be very hard not to stare at her and then begin to ask questions.

Some women will not talk because they will be embarrassed to even look at you.

But to shy women, this is a relief.

You will get to know this woman better.


Do you feel like you are finally getting the attention you deserve?


When you make eye contact with your wife/partner, you will start to see that she is a human being.

She will miss you.

She will be sad that you are leaving her, and she will miss you.

But you will be surprised at how she will even start to show a little emotion.

When she sees you all dressed up, smiling, her smile will get wider and wider.

To a shy woman, it will be a relief to talk to you finally. You will see that you are still brothers and sisters, and you will want to hold her hand.


marriage is like boxing. learning how to work on your marriage


Now you can finally be you.


If you are still shy, just know that you are in a relationship; everything is built on communication.

You will talk to your wife like you talk to friends.

And if you are still scared, know that the chances you will ever break up and the chances you will marry your wife are excellent.

She is a person, just like you are a person.

She is a person who is worth fighting for, a person who is worth dating, a person who is worth getting to know.

Just be thankful that you can fight for your relationship with your wife.


Should you give up on your marriage?


What are the signs of an unhappy marriage? Well, there are many, but I will write about this painful matter in another blog post.

If you are still afraid of breaking up, know that the chances are pretty good that you will get to do this someday.

But that isn’t important.

You must be willing to fight for this relationship and be ready to break up when you think it is needed and only IF needed.

That isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either.


If you are still afraid of dating, you can relax.


Women are attracted to physical aspects like you are.

They aren’t attracted to some phony “sexy guy” trying to convince her that he is a hot model.

Women want to see a man who is a man, who can protect, a man who can provide, a man who can lead.


how to work on your marriage successfully


She wants a man who can provide, protect, and take care of things. Men are to be providers.

So, you can relax now; you finally know how to work on your marriage.


And…Provide for her and your family! And if you’ve got the time, read another blog post of mine here.


Maria Simmons


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