About me

Hi. My name is Maria Simmons.

This blog is about being pretty as a first and necessary step towards becoming beautiful.

About desirable, fulfilling beauty. And how to become and stay beautiful! In my understanding, beauty is not just about looks and glamour. It includes a particular state of mind that radiates over the person, giving that person an aspect of fulfillment and self-confidence.

Of happiness. You can’t be pretty and beautiful if your state of mind is deplorable or if your health is questionable.

You are beautiful when you are happy. And, to be satisfied, you need to have a stable state of mind, reliable health. It would be best if you were fulfilled both in your personal and professional life.

I will upload various posts, which will sometimes touch areas where fulfillment comes from solving one severe problem, such as health problems, motivation even free time solutions.

This site is, generally speaking, about being pretty and thus beautiful.

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