How Do You Know If Your Marriage Is Healthy? A Marriage Checklist Does Wonders!


What are the most common problems in a healthy marriage? A checklist, a wise and thorough checklist should list a few crucial rules for a successful marriage. These rules to consolidate your successful relationship are pretty easy to follow as they relate to common sense.

Is there such a thing as a bad marriage checklist? Yes, it is.

Are there any healthy marriage tips? Yes, there are.

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How to Save Marriage Without Counseling


I firmly believe that you should start by writing a serious healthy marriage checklist!

In marriage, as in any other life segments, there are lenient (or not so lenient) rules for a successful marriage that you must observe if you intend to have a long and happy married life.

What are these rules dealing with?

I’ve searched online, and I’ve found an interesting article on this matter. Here’s the article:


“Marriage can often seem like a big picture idea. But it is time to rethink that—That’s where these little ways to work on your marriage every day come into play. A marriage gets improved by leaps and bounds. Marriages are built or broken based on the way you handle things on a daily basis. Thinking about the long run is great. But the road to long-haul journey success is paved with days.”


The little steps to help you on your way up to the top of the mountain are best.

So, here we go, just some ideas for you to try:

  • Please pick up your spouse by the tie, shoes, book, or whatever is in front of them. Stand them up and turn them around to face you. Take them back to your bedroom. This is the first step for many couples. It helps to take some time out to see one another. Remember the first time you saw each other? Remember the look you used to get one another, the sense of excitement you felt? That was love.


  • Spend some quality time with your spouse. Think of something you can do together that you can enjoy. Anything is better than doing nothing together. Something you can laugh at, feel safe, look forward to. Agree to do something together. Remember the first time you made love together, the love you felt. Please find it and do it together.


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  • Get all business casual. Dress in something that will make you less likely to be noticed when you are together. You may even want to stay in workout clothes. Your wife may not mind if you leave the house in slacks and a lovely dress. It is essential to be yourself. You can still look nice if you want to. But if you’re going to dress poorly, you are not going to be noticed anyway.


  • Do not make any reference to the lack of a romantic relationship in your daily conversation. It is better to discuss the weather than the lack of romance in your marriage. Avoid talking about romance in a way that implies you are not attracted to your spouse. You may wish to use words like we, us, our to emphasize the relationship. You will still be you. You may even want to talk about something completely different from the relationship’s emotional or physical aspects. You may talk about math or the stock market, or the game. But the focus is on the relationship. It can make you appear to be less stable than you are.


  • Find your way of making a joke about the relationship. For example, you may wish to talk about a particularly annoying neighbor. You may also want to talk about your parents. But avoid making any jokes that imply the marriage is a failure, or the partners are inferior to each other.


  • You may choose to have a casual outing once a week. It may be a dinner out together or going to a movie or sporting event. But make sure the expedition is something you both enjoy. If you do not enjoy it, you may find yourself making up the trip or walking away.


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  • Commit not to discuss the relationship with your friends. It is vital to have friends. But make sure your friends know you are not discussing your feelings and the marriage.


  • You may decide to attend a couple’s retreat once a year. There are many reasons to participate in a couple’s retreat. They may be able to offer a solution to your marriage problems. It may help you both to know how to address the issues in your marriage. It may even be an opportunity to grow together. But make sure you are not asked to go because your spouse wants to go. If you are asked, you may not be able to decline.


If you do not believe that you can get the marriage back on track, seek help.


It may not be easy, but it is a necessary part of your journey.

But be sure you do not see a counselor who has a political or religious viewpoint that contradicts your own.

The best place to obtain help is a marriage retreat.

These provide a safe environment where you can discuss the problems developed in your marriage and work towards finding solutions (meaning organizing a comprehensive and healthy marriage checklist).


Healthy Marriage Checklist


Are you sure to find the help that you need?


Because of this, you are sure to find the help that you need.

Marriage retreats offer everything that you will need for your journey.

They are located throughout the country and offer you a chance to get away from it all and have a good time.


Alternatively, go out with your friends.


Your going out is a sign that you are trying to reach her and get her to open up to you.

She will not open up if you keep pushing her, but if you stop forcing and just go out with your friends, you will be more likely to receive her consideration.

It is your task to make sure that you spend enough time with her to get her attentiveness.

When you try to spend as much time with her as possible, she will begin to make an effort to spend more time with you.


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No one on earth can make your marriage work.


Only you can do that.

No one else is offering that.

The only thing you have is each other.

It is up to you whether you believe that you can save your marriage or not.

But there is no reason that you cannot enjoy a long and healthy marriage at any age.

There is no reason that you should not be able to enjoy a successful married life.

And, consider this. You are a good husband when you make her feel good about herself (more about how to work on your marriage; click the link. Or, if you wish to go on an opposite path, click the next link to read about what divorce would mean for someone).


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Her ideas on Marriage. How to Keep Your Husband Happy


There are some simple steps you can learn to get your marriage back on track.

No one likes to have their wife or husband take a short-sighted approach to things.

Even if that is their own shortsightedness.

They aren’t the ones who got the marriage off track.


Her marriage maintenance checklist


And you’ll have to make sure the love in your marriage isn’t dead.

There are many ways to bring love back to the union.

There are many ways to keep your marriage fresh and exciting.

And you won’t even know it because you will always have both your eyes on your job or your kids.

This is like saying there should be no friendships outside the marriage.


successful relationship


Spend time together.


This is the key to keeping the marriage exciting and fresh.

Make sure you always have some time alone.

You don’t have to go to the Bahamas or wherever you have been.

Sometimes spending some time with yourself can be better than spending all your time together.


Checklist to save your marriage. Talk together.


Don’t talk about problems and stuff.

Just have some “together time.”

Find out how each other is doing.

If your husband isn’t feeling well, ask him about it. It might give you a heads up that he is going to be home late.

If you have something you want to ask him about, ask him (an interesting article here).


Go out together.


It doesn’t matter where you go.

This is a very effective and pleasant way to keep the romance in your marriage.


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Take care of each other.


Take care of your husband’s health and well-being. This will make him want to come home to you.

Talk together.

Find out how your husband is feeling.

There are things you can ask him about, and he will gladly tell you.

You don’t even have to be in a formal way about it (if you’re thinking of repairing your relationship, your marriage, read this blog post; click the link).

If he is uncomfortable talking, say to him that you will discuss it later.


Write a detailed healthy marriage checklist. Look for ways to surprise your husband when he is home.


You can do many things like watching a movie together, have breakfast in bed, or just leave a nice little love note on his chest.

You can do little things to show your love to him, and he will repay you in kind.

Sometimes this can be not easy to do when he has made plans for the evening.

Make an appointment to watch the game together.

Plan a meal for two, schedule something around his workout time.


Rules for a Successful Marriage. A healthy marriage checklist and beautiful girls


Keep things lively. Have fun together.


This will make you both happier, and it is also a great way to make your husband want to stay married to you.

You have to have some sort of plans for outings, so you don’t always leave him wondering when you will return home.

A date night might be difficult for you at first, but you will get used to it in time.

Don’t make this a daily affair.

Just sometimes schedule a night out.


The idea of surprise is essential in creating a solid relationship.


Your husband will love it when you surprise him.

So get creative, don’t just let my ideas be the only example for you.

Don’t become a doormat.

If you want to keep your husband happy, don’t let him wallow in the past.

Let him know that you are there for him.

Don’t let him feel that you just forgot about him.

If you can make him taste that you are spending quality time with him, he will be happier and stay married to you.

The best way to keep your husband happy is always to provide fun.


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Do the things that you enjoy doing together.


The more things that you do together, the more enjoyable it will be for you both.

This will also keep him interested in you and make him crave your company.

And it will make your relationship more fulfilling. It’s all in fun.

The more fun things you do together, the more pleasant it will be for him to return home.

And the more enjoyable it will be for him, the more he will appreciate your efforts on your behalf.


How do you know if your marriage is healthy? The key for you is to provide a happy home for your husband.


If you can provide fun for him, then all of his efforts on your behalf will be worthwhile.

So don’t be stuck into being the doormat, and always provide enjoyment for you both.


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Conclusions – a funny story.


Do you remember the story about the man who asked his wife to marry him?

The wife refused. The man kept on asking her to marry him.

She kept on saying no.

Finally, he got frustrated and broke down and begged her to marry him.

The woman was so angry with her husband that she replied that she would never marry anyone but the man who begged her for her hand in marriage.

After a while, the man started repenting and asking the woman for her hand in marriage.

The woman replied that she gave him her hand in marriage but never touched him.

Over time, he became a good husband to her.

The woman has changed her tune. Over time, both of them grew and improved.


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