Before thinking about rebuilding your life and moving on after a divorce, it is useful to know this! Social studies show that the most common major contributors to divorce would be the lack of commitment, infidelity, and conflict/arguing.

And the most common decisive motives are infidelity, domestic violence, substance use.

However, there are a lot of scientists placing, in the first place, the economic reasons as the main reasons for separation and divorce.


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reasons were infidelity, domestic violence, and substance use.


Well! You’ve decided! It’s time to rebuild your life after a separation!

But did you think about the costs during the procedures and after those legal papers when you will be starting rebuilding your life after divorce? And afterward, thinking of moving on after divorce with your life?


The Economic Collapse & The Rising Rate of Divorce Is A Result Of Loneliness Induced By The Economy


Let me choose a fragment from this enticing article. It deals with facts and problems surrounding you before, during, and after your separation period.

“There’s no such thing as normal when it comes to divorce, nor is there for the aftermath. There’s no rule book, no standard timetable to follow, no standard operating procedure. Everyone’s journey through loss is different.”

It’s normal to feel lost and bewildered when you realize you are going through a divorce, and it’s not normal as well to stay stuck in the limbo of denial.

Of course, it’s normal to want answers and want to know how to get them.

Well, it’s also normal to imagine that there’s a better life out there, one full of promise and possibility.


Divorce is one of the most potent forces in our society today.


Divorce and separation. These are forces that run deep and strong and powerful enough to rip a family apart, to change the course of a life, and to create enormous emotional trauma.

It’s a force that leaves people feeling broken, powerless, and in over their heads.

It’s a force that leaves people wondering whether the world is fair and whether they are the victims or the villains in a scenario that doesn’t make sense at all.

So we know that there’s a “dark side” to divorce from your

But we must understand that this so-called “dark side” is not the reason for increasing divorce.

Various studies have shown that the incidence of divorce is declining. This decline began in the early 1990s, before the rise of the “dark side.”

The mentioned decline continued until the early 2010s when it leveled off and started to rise again.

Well, what is causing this renewed rise?

Before reading further, I would recommend another article about a better life after divorce for women and men. I really believe it is useful in this sensitive matter.


couple dancing


Divorce is a symptom of many, many things.


There’s a cancerous thing called loneliness that causes divorce.

Also, an economic recession forces people to look for new ways to make ends meet.

These are forces that have been building for years, and that have nothing to do with divorce.

We have been lulled into a false sense of security by the false promises of the “sharing economy,” which promises people that they will make enough money if they choose to become self-employeThey will seemingly ill be able to provide for their families and pursue hobbies and passions they have not followed financially.

We have been lulled into an illusion of economic recovery by the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing that has flooded the financial system with tons and tons of cash.

And that cash eventually cannot be spent in the marketplace due to a decisive economic contraction.

But this euphoria must be recognized as just that, an illusion.

As the economy recovers, people have less cash, forcing us to go back to the drawing board.

And think. And reconsider. And starting to see the importance of our daily family life again.



What You Need to Know About Filing for Divorce


Before starting the decisive path to divorce, let us think a little bit about what this would mean for our life and our financial well-being.

Let’s read a little fragment from an online article that could help us think twice before the final decisions.

Here is enticing this article.

“A divorce can leave you totally depressed, hopeless, and financially unstable. You may feel like you have been turned upside down. It is difficult to adjust and start living alone and being single again, especially if you had been married for a long time.”


Well, interesting words and thoughts, isn’t it?

However, you don’t have to settle for a life sitting on the sidelines. Although the divorce may have ended your marriage, you can make your life a little easier by learning to do things yourself without consulting a lawyer.

You can also learn to become financially responsible and self-sufficient. These would be some very, very wise steps in your life!


Life after divorce for a woman


Please, consider that the following sentences are NOT intended to be legal advice as I am not a lawyer; however, every person, almost always, has had to pass through these narrow and suspenseful ways which are called, with a rather generic name the judicial system.

These words and thoughts are valid no matter where you live, no matter which courts will have to solve – if ever – your legal problems.

When you decide to file for divorce, you will learn about filling out divorce papers. If you choose to remain married, you will have to file joint divorce papers.

This involves filing a sworn statement to the court and giving over your share of your estate to your wife or husband. If your spouse disagrees with your actions, they can dispute it in court, and you will have to start filing your original documents again.


the good years of your marriage


Life after divorce (and during the divorce) for a woman


You must be aware that filling out this legal paperwork is a big responsibility. Filing divorce papers can be mentally trying. Even if you are the innocent party, you must have thought about this decision carefully.

You need to know how to handle all situations if you decide to file your papers.

You will want to have your financial divorce plan well laid out before deciding to file the papers. You may want to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you prepare your case.

Your attorney will help you understand what you have to do and handle each step of the process.

The lawyer should help you with the divorce proceedings so that you do not go off track. You may need other legal aid at different junctures in the process. You will want to be sure that the lawyer knows divorce law to fight for you.

A divorce lawyer will have fought for their client from the beginning. If you use an inexperienced lawyer, you could end up paying a dear price later on.


How to Get Free Divorce Advice


As we could see a little bit earlier, it’s a fact that a divorce could leave you totally depressed and financially unstable.

Well then, it is pretty hard to adjust and start living alone and being single again. And this occurs especially if you had been married for a long time.


Finding the best divorce lawyer


It is not an easy thing to find a divorce lawyer specializing in money issues and divorce cases. And this is a common occurrence no matter where you live and in front of any judge in the world.

If you are a woman, you may have realized that divorce’s financial end is usually worse for women than the financial end is for men. At least, this is what they say.


people thinking of rebuilding their lives after divorce


Some people would argue that the best way to handle a divorce is with an attorney who focuses on divorce for women and child custody.

This does hold, but you must remember that the attorney you have will be specializing in divorce law in most cases.

It would help if you remembered that divorce is an unequal partnership with an equal division of the assets in most cases.

So, while an attorney specializing in divorce and divorce cases for women is outstanding in helping you through your separation, be aware that the lawyer won’t necessarily represent you to the fullest in your divorce and child support matters.


This aspect of rebuilding your life after divorce is of utmost importance.


Another great way to avoid financial ruin (and financial ruin for your children as well) is to take advantage of one of the many free divorce services that are or that should be at your disposal.

These services are not limited to lawyer-related services only but also offer financial advice and help rebuild and move on with your life after divorce. They even help with parenting’s financial aspects, of an entirely different nature, than lawyer-related services.

This type of support is usually geared towards helping you deal with all the financial aspects of divorce. It may very well be, for instance, some advice about putting your savings aside and also help with budgeting.

The free divorce services you are offered would be for your legal custody and even for your parenting needs in the context of a divorce (for more, read here).



A free divorce service is typically offered through one of the top divorce firms in the country.

They’ll give you a questionnaire or a questionnaire plus a list of questions you need to answer. The questionnaire they’ll ask you on varies from firm to firm and from couple to couple.

This means that the free divorce service, service that you’ll be getting, might be personalized to those involved and/or those involved in the separation and divorce you wish to avail of.

However, this service also means that you have to take the time to understand what is going on before you are fully aware of the nature of the services to expect and the fee charged for the service. Well, be sure that you are aware of these important aspects of your decisions.


Be fully aware of the nature of the assistance you will receive!


It may be best to avail of an attorney-related service before you are fully aware of the nature of the assistance that you would receive.

This would be advisable if there are children involved; the cost is usually quite affordable, or at least this is what they say. You get to have it done in the timeframe of a few hours to a few days.

The fact remains that there are many ways to get help in your divorce. There is no denying that there are many divorce-related services that you can get in the internet age.


Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce & Moving On


There are many divorce advice sites associated, and you will be facing this scenario for the next some years.

You’ll need to make sure that you completely understand what the divorce process entails. The divorce assistance you get would be in the form of information or information plus a service.

You can get free divorce advice in the form of articles, or you may also get divorce guidance and advice if you have children.



I sincerely hope that reading this post was useful to you. Before you start something, it is pretty normal to figure out how long or large it would be. I know, sometimes it’s pretty hard to talk about such sensitive matters… But this is, unfortunately, a necessity.

However, every bit of information helps. So, I hope it helped you and, even more, it is important that it would persuade you and see and hire a specialized lawyer in that matter!


Maria Simmons


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I have bought the copyrights of this wonderful photo collection. Therefore, I can use any photo in my work, with or without any alterations.


Disclaimer. Please, observe that any legal reference in my post should be read, considering that I am NOT a lawyer. Life frequently makes almost anyone, men and women, traverse the narrow paths of justice, and in this journey, you will definitely need a specialist, a lawyer.

I don’t have any certification in this field. While writing about these matters, I could not avoid short references to courts, judges, lawyers, sentences, etc., as they regulate our complicated lives. If confronted with these situations, please don’t wait and find the path to the best lawyer you could afford and whom you really trust.

I sincerely hope that rebuilding your life after divorce and moving on will be successful. That means if you thoughtfully decided to go that hard way!

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