Life after Divorce


Some golden rules to consider can help you find the best mom for your children and the best lover for you.

The problem with recently divorced single parents is that they are waiting too long to start dating again, complaining they are, oh, so busy. The real reason is their fears because their previous situation was usually so ugly, they don’t have a healthy enough ego to let rejections roll off their back.

Even if they are starting to date, in most cases are doing this for the wrong reasons.

Some single parents think they compete with their ex, mainly if they were left for a younger partner.


Men and Divorce


They also might be playing a game to prove to the ex that they are desirable by dating as many people as possible.

In a nutshell, don’t date for emotional revenge, alleviate feelings of loneliness, or prove your desire to others.

After a divorce, both parties are tented to change partners almost every week or month and are not in the mood to compromise with somebody.

But after a while, especially single fathers feel the need to have a life partner and a mother for their children.


If you are a single father and are determined to find someone for a long time relationship, you have to be sure that you are making the best choice because now you are not alone; you are making a choice not only for you but also for your children too.


Divorce with Children


There are some gold rules to consider that can help you to find the best mom for your children and the best lover for you:

As there is no surer turn-off for a potential lover than a person who insists on living in the past, make a rule for yourself that you will do your absolute best not to drag the past into new relationships.



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