Does Life After Divorce Make Men Happier?


There is a complicated process to go through when considering divorce. This article about men being happier after divorce tries to deal with various aspects of a person’s life and happiness before, during, and immediately after divorce.

It’s Painful! Really Painful!


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The Five Stages of Life During Divorce


According to a well-worn formula, there are five stages involved in any failure, in any disease or misfortune process of accepting it:


dirty hands and five stages of life during divorce



denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and approval.


Before anything else, it is a good idea to have reached the critical stage of approval.


a sense of loss of self and many questions regarding who you are


Men and divorce emotional stages


But first, let me emphasize that the most important thing NOW in your life should be taking care of you, your emotions, and re-learning to indulge yourself in the tiny little things that make life really enjoyable.

It’s about a new you!

After this state of mind, you will be strong enough to start considering some painful things in your past or coming into your future because, NOW, you are strong enough to face them.

I would advise you to read another article about life being really better after divorce for women.




Time is a great healer. It would be best if you gave it enough time after a divorce to recover before you hurtle into one more relationship.

For how long this will be will solely rely on lots of elements; however, it’s likely to be months instead of weeks. Make use of the moment you’re single to construct a good connection with yourself and reacquaint yourself with the people and passions that are very important to you.

A separation can be so all-consuming. Many people appear to it seeming like they’ve been sleepwalking and need time to adjust to life by themselves.

Suppose you do not provide on your own adequate time before dating after separation. In that case, you might be vulnerable and utilize another individual to recover your pain.

Rebound relationships don’t generally finish well.


How Divorce Changes A Man. Are Men Happier After Divorce


Your Kids


Although your relationships are basically your exclusive matter, other people will undoubtedly be impacted by your decision to start dating.

Specifically kids or youngsters of the marriage. They may not fully comprehend the reasons why you split; read this blog-post of mine about the first steps to divorce for more stuff.

You can begin to introduce the suggestion of you dating once more before you actually do anything with children. Planting the seed of possibility will not be such a shock when you introduce a new partner into their lives.


introduce a new partner into your life


Your ex-spouse


Even if a mutual contract separates you, one companion often starts dating again, that the pain of the loss is really felt by the other. They may suddenly become jealous, attempting to use the children to control or hurt you.

This is a vital stage of the sorrow process motivated by the understanding that you actually are never coming back.

Try not to react. Try to translate this discomfort as a reason to go back and also attempt once again.

Avoid this at any cost. If you’re separated, going back and forth will only keep you both stuck for longer after divorce.


are men happier after divorce


Feel good about yourself.


Divorce can affect your self-confidence, leave your feelings battered or wounded.

There is usually a lot of heart browsing within the consequences, which is necessary if you want to prevent making the same mistakes once more.

Some people get stuck in the stage of depression and failure because they couldn’t make their marriage work.

This is the time when you’re most susceptible to seeking comfort in the arms of somebody else, yet it is the most crucial time to be by yourself. Before dating after separation, do things that make you really feel good about on your own.

Go to the fitness center, read some good books, become your own buddy. Emotional injuries need to be dealt with and given time to recover rather than be brushed off.

Over-eating and ignoring your duties will certainly not assist you. It is all-natural to do these things for a while.


it's time for something new in your relationship




You will undoubtedly be ready to carry on when you really feel once again that you have a complete life, a life that you intend to show to someone else when your heart is open, and you feel able to love again.

Most significantly, you prepare yourself to feel like you’re a person worth learning more about.


Feeling Better About Yourself After Your Divorce


Here are some ways to start building yourself back up. But first, I would suggest reading a little bit from this interesting article as there is nothing more useful than learning from somebody else’s experience. Here you are:

“The divorce process can bring about a sense of loss of self and many questions regarding who you are as a person. Some of the best ways of reestablishing your own sense of self are through a routine at work and home. The emotional weight placed on your shoulders as you go through the divorce experience cannot be understated. It can feel like an aspect of yourself that you loved and relied on is no longer there, forcing you to acknowledge what is missing.”


Set a Daily Routine at Work


If you are still at work, make sure that you establish a daily routine that keeps you feeling relaxed. It doesn’t matter if you are working at your desk all day or if you are roaming about the office looking for an open space to sit down. This can help you feel at peace and feel more comfortable. It doesn’t have to be super-duper complicated, just something that keeps you settled.


Have a Home Ritual that Keeps You Comfortable


Try to have a home ritual that helps you feel at home. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just something that keeps you feeling at ease and relaxed. There are tons of books on this matter, and you could easily do the job opening some of them – it is fascinating what people write, especially when they do it from their own life experiences.


new friend


Take Some Time to Enjoy Being You


The best way to help you feel better about yourself as you go through the divorce process is by taking some time to really enjoy being you. Try something that makes you laugh, talk about your past and let yourself in without pressuring yourself to be perfect all the time.

Try to take some time to enjoy being you truly.


Try to Rebuild Your Self-Esteem


You can do this by working on getting rid of those negative thoughts that you have. You don’t have to get rid of them all; get rid of all those that keep you negative. Again, this is just a small step to help you feel better about yourself.

If you cannot get rid of all of them, don’t worry, you can always revisit them later if you think you would decide you want to get rid of those thoughts.

These are just some small tips that you can do to help you feel better about yourself.

Again, if you still have a lot of doubt about your life, you can visit your doctor and have a physical.

Also, you can go to a psychologist and work with them to get rid of those negative thoughts you have. This will be the first step to help you feel better about yourself.

To help you feel better about yourself and help you deal with the divorce process’s feelings, you can also visit your friends, family, and other people who you trust and feel good about yourself.


Are men happier after divorce


Several Conclusions


In a nutshell, these are just some tips that you can do to help you feel better about yourself.

It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated, complex plan, just something that enables you to get rid of the divorce’s pain to help you get over the pain of the divorce.

And you will find that once you get rid of those negative thoughts, they begin to be replaced with positive ones, and you feel great (this article could be useful as well).


Are Men Happier After Divorce?


Now: ENTER Routine.


Well,  it’s about mainly routine as an ingenious way to stop your divorce and save your relationship.

The importance of a routine cannot be emphasized enough. If the same old routine is continued, it can become a habit and become a part of your psyche. It can become an unhealthy comfort that can make you feel helpless and impotent.

Be careful of following your heart blindly, and not following your routine will protect you from a repetition of divorce.


Moving on after divorce as a man


A routine will help you feel like you are returning to normalcy. It will remind you that you are not a burden and that you are capable of happiness. A regular schedule is vital.


schedule is vital


It sometimes could be as simple as getting up on time, putting on clean clothes, spending money on necessary items, and not purchasing things you don’t need. Lastly, putting away your necessities adequately such that they don’t get lost or damaged.


Routine Means Routine


A routine is essential if you are going to maintain your own self-esteem. A good habit of doing these things can help you feel good about yourself. It is important to note that following your routine can help you feel good about yourself, even in the absence of love.

It will help you establish that you are not a burden. It can help you get back on your feet. But if you are not burdened, it will help you verify that you are capable of happiness.


you are capable of happiness.


Your routine, your manner of life is essential.


The practice will dictate how you feel about life, even in the absence of love. This is very important.

The routine will dictate how you live your life. How you move, how you speak, how you act.

Your routine will dictate every single minute of your life. You feel that you are a burden if you don’t get up in time to get ready for work, don’t clean your house, or wash your clothes properly.

You feel that you are a burden if you don’t fit into your routine.

You feel that you are a burden if you don’t do the things you do without thinking.

How can you control yourself in this situation? By maintaining your routine.

By doing the things you do every single minute of every single day, you will not feel like taking action without thinking. You will not feel like taking action without feeling good about yourself.


feeling good about yourself



Life after divorce for a man


Here are a few guidelines for helping you rebuild your sense of self:

1. Talk – A regular time at home with a friend is an excellent way of talking about the divorce and understanding what is going on with you. Suppose you can sit down with a friend and start talking. It will help you realize you are not alone in dealing with this.

Don’t rush through the conversation or try to change your friend’s mind about the divorce or what happened. Take the time to express yourself (read more here) clearly.

2. Relax – One of the best ways to help you feel better is to spend some time with yourself. Take a walk or go and watch movies with your friends to get away from it all. It is also vital to use relaxation techniques to help you feel better.

Meditation is a great way to get lost in your own thoughts and take your mind off the divorce.

Yoga is another excellent way to stretch your mind and body.




3. Watch Television – If you are watching television while breaking bread at home, don’t focus on the program. Take your attention and move on to something else. When you are done watching tv, concentrate on one thought.

Do not eat or drink anything while this is happening.

4. Take Care of Yourself – Start taking care of yourself at home. Cut down on time spent with friends. If you have a job, take care of your body. If you are exercising, focus on your progress.

Take your time with it so you can be proud of the results.

Think about rebuilding your life now.

I hope that this other article of mine will really help you with it.


take care of yourself


These tips are for women (not just men) trying to cope with divorce or separation. If you are still struggling with what happened in your marriage, don’t worry.

It is possible to move forward.


If there are children involved


In short, some golden rules to consider can help you find the best mom for your children and the best lover for you if you’ve got over this threshold and decided to go on with your life and start dating other women again.

The problem with recently divorced single parents is that they are waiting too long to start dating again, complaining they are, oh, so busy.

The real reason is their fears because their previous situation was usually so ugly, they don’t have a healthy enough ego to let rejections roll off their back.



Even if they are starting to date, in most cases, they are doing this for the wrong reasons.

Some single parents think they compete with their ex, mainly if they were left for a younger partner.


Men (again) and Divorce


They also might be playing a game to prove to the ex that they are desirable by dating as many people as possible.

In a nutshell, don’t date for emotional revenge, alleviate feelings of loneliness, or prove your desire to others.


After a divorce, both parties are tented to change partners almost every week


After a divorce, both parties are tented to change partners almost every week or month and are not in the mood to compromise with somebody.

But after a while, especially single fathers feel the need to have a life partner and a mother for their children.

If you are a single father and are determined to find someone for a long time relationship, you have to be sure that you are making the best choice because you are not alone.

You are making a choice not only for yourself but also for your children too.

There are some golden rules to consider that can help you to find the best mom for your children and the best lover for you:

As there is no surer turn-off for a potential lover than a person who insists on living in the past, make a rule for yourself that you will do your absolute best not to drag the past into new relationships.



Maria Simmons


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