They Don’t Know…


Let me go straight to the point of all these small talks.

Bad boys or nice guys? What do women really want?

This is truly a matter of personality choice.

Is It Something He SECRETLY Craves?

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Each has its own crowd of admirers, where every woman is ready to defend their dearly beloved partners.

However, the debates seemed to never cease.

This is because women never clearly distinguish as to what type of mate they would prefer.



And after a long deliberation and poll voting, it seems that the choice between bad boys and nice guys are endless discussions.

Sounds impossible?

According to survey polls online, nearly 30% of the women respondents have stated that personality matters most.

There are some reports that the nice guys are apparently unappealing to most women.

Why is this so?

What could possibly cause this evident weakening magnet of the nice guys?



Does that account for the reason why more men are “behaving badly” these days?



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