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Women seem to like bad boys rather than the nice guys.

There are so many speculations about why these things happen.

For instance, there are those cases wherein the more a nice guy gets “nicer” to women, the more they will not opt to be romantically involved with those guys.

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Instead, they outwardly become attracted to men who deal with them harshly.

However, this does not necessarily mean that women would literally choose bad boys, as in the really mean ones.



The only reason why some women opt to date bad guys is that the nice ones create an impression of not being romantic.

They appear to be less appealing as far as sexual attraction is concerned.

bad boys

In fact, some women contend that those who are really nice seem to offer friendship instead of romance.

So what is the point of being romantically involved with them if this is what women think of them?

The point here is that women do not literally prefer bad boys that are really bad as in those who commit crimes or whatsoever.

They just have the tendency to be physically attracted to men who treat them a little harsh, those who do not pay attention to them, those who seem not to care for them, and those who do not give them 100% attention.



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