Love. Never Forget About Saying the Magic Words…


You can buy her flowers or an elaborate gift such as a dinner.

Let her know how much you are thinking about to work on your marriage

Please don’t be too cheap, but surprise her by buying her flowers.

Is It Something He SECRETLY Craves?

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Flowers are an expression of your love.


So you can buy her flowers to express your love for her.

If you are married and living alone and have a few choice items in your house, let her know you have a few items that you love about her.

But, don’t forget the most important thing – tell her how much you love her (inspired by this excellent blog post on happy relationships and words to describe the happiness and happy emotions in a relationship).

Make sure she knows how much you care about her and that you are thinking about letters

Don’t you think it would make her comfortable to know she has a man who loves her and thinks about her?



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